Release Notes

Release Notes September 2021

  1. Document Library
  2. Distributor List
  3. Company Operation Hours
  4. Invoice Templates
  5. Zone Pattern Mapping

Document Library

The document library is here for you to store any documents like contracts, agreements, terms of conditions, marketing flyers and share with customers. You can upload the documents from the Configuration->Library.

Attach Document To a Job

From web page you can directly go to edit a job and search for the documents from the Documents box on the right.

When you search for file all your pre loaded documents will show up. Select one or more files you want to attach.

When the files are attached to the Job, it is available for you to send with Invoice from Mobile app and Web app.

Distributor List

The distributors are available as view only list for all roles in your company now. You can see the distributor list from Inventory->Distributor if you have the correct permission checked. The permission is View Distributor under Inventory box of permissions.

Company Operation Hours

We have expanded the company operation hours by day. You can now define blocks of time for your company. You can even add holiday schedules. The time you define in company hours will reflect in Schedule board, Instant booking page.

Invoice Templates

We have added multiple predefined templates, that you can choose from and later edit to make your own style.

Zone Pattern Mapping

You can define your zone by zip pattern, zip/postal code, city/province, state. Go to Zone Setting and click new Zone to define your zone. This zone selection can be automated by checking the automate zone selection box. That means when you create a job with a particular address and if that address matched any of the zone definition it will set to that zone automatically.

  1. If you have conflicting zone definition that means, if two same cities are part of two zones then the last one will be auto selected.
  2. If you have conflicting zip and city as the same definition then the match will happen by state first, then city then zip.