Release Notes

Release Notes November 2021

  • Show Notes in Item Page in Mobile App
  • Fractional Inventory Quantities
  • Expanded search options for the PO Return page
  • SMS for Appointment Reminder
  • POS Line Items
  • Max Quantity for Service Items/Price List
  • Create repeat job from online booking page
  • Pre Auth for Stripe Payment from Instant booking page
  • New Report: Emailed Statement Report
  • New Report: Serialized Item Sold

Show Notes in Item Page in Mobile App

You can see the inventory Notes in the mobile app while you select the item.

Fractional Inventory Quantities

We have introduced to track your inventory in fractions. To activate this setting g to Configuration=> Inventory Settings -> Inventory settings and enable the Use Inventory as Decimal checkbox.

You will be able to enter Quantity in fractions.

Expanded Search Options in PO Return Page

Added few extra fields to search in return page

SMS for Appointment Reminder

The automated appointment reminder will send SMS to the customers at the time you set. Make sure you enable the Appointment Reminder checkbox and enter appropriate SMS text.

POS Line Items

Now you can add the same items multiple times in different line items. Also, you can add multiple serialized inventories in the same line item and apply the Serial number later.

The POS Invoice expands all the items in different lines.

You can assign Serial later by clicking the Serial link on the POS grid.

Max Quantity for Service Item

Go to Configuration=>Pricelist. Then select the service item for edit. Toggle Set Max Quantity to on and enter the max quantity for this item that you allow.

If you try to enter anything greater than 5 then you will get warning message like following in the edit job page.

This restriction is also applicable in the online booking page. You can also drag/drop the pricelist and change the display order for instant booking page.

Repeat Jobs from Instant Booking Page

Now we added the ability for your customer to create recurring or repeat jobs in your schedule.

All you need to do is edit your instant booking page and set the Frequency label.

Your customers will be able to select the frequency for the job and the jobs will be auto created.

Pre Auth for Stripe Payment from Instant booking page

We have introduced the pre auth for credit card payment in instant booking page. When your customer books a job you can capture the pre-auth and run the transaction later. Toggle the Pre Auth to green in your instant booking configuration page and this will enable the Pre Auth feature.