Release Notes

Release Notes August 2021

  1. Enhanced Optimization
  2. Zone pattern Mapping
  3. Multiple Instant Booking Page

Enhanced Optimization

Service Works Autonomous Dispatch and Routing seamlessly manages around day-of issues, keeps operations teams and customers in the know at every step of the delivery journey. This simplifies the delivery operations and save hours each day. It makes it easy to optimize multiple driver routes, keep customers updated and track your drivers. Service Works Route optimization is smart to calculate the optimized route. Read more here.

Zone Pattern Mapping

The zone definition can be set by a zip pattern instead of full zip code. You can say LS5 or 341 then all zip codes or postal codes patching this will be part of this zone setup. This same zone pattern will be in effect for your online booking page , zone restriction.

Multiple Instant Booking Page

You can have multiple online booking pages setup now for offering different types of service. The booking pages are very customizable and you can include branded pictures, photo and logos.

There are few steps to setup. All these steps are optional and can be set just the way you want. Navigate through all the horizontal tabs and setup your booking page.

  • Page: This is where you give a name to your booking page for your own identification. You can call it by services you offer or anything meaningful to you.
  • Brand: This is where you set up your Brand color and logo
  • Banner: You can upload multiple banner pics to showcase your company
  • What We Do: We can add a section of what you do m what services you offer with photo.
  • Customer: Setup the additional information you want to collect from customer. These are the custom fields in Service Works.
  • Services: Setup the services you want to offer through this page, you can have one since category or multi-category services.
  • Schedule: This will show your calendar to your customers if you choose to for booking.
  • Zone: This is where you can upload your zone picture and ask customers to select correct zone.
  • Payment Configure whether you want to collect payment or not and how much you want to collect as down payment.
  • Confirmation: This is the fin al page of booking where customers will be redirected.