Release Notes

Release Notes April 2021

  1. Automatically Change Job Duration
  2. Request Time Off from Mobile App
  3. Multi Location Support
  4. Stripe Payment Gateway
  5. Refund payment for A/R
  6. Multiple Zone Setup
  7. Sales By Location Report

Automatically Change Job Duration

You can create a job for 8 hours. for 1 tech. Then when you add another tech you may want the job duration to automatically reduce by half. If you need this feature you need to call Sales to activate this feature for additional fee. Similarly if you remove tech the job span will increase. You can edit tech from Schedule Board or All Job page.

Request Time Off From Mobile App

All employees can now send Time Off Request from mobile devices (phone and tablet). Also they can view their time off request and clock in/out time.

Multi Location Support

If you are operating multiple locations ( meaning you have multiple SW accounts), now you can view them all from the parent account. You can switch location and view the connected locations or account. To activate this feature please call Sales.

Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe has been added as one of the payment gateways. Go to Configuration -> Payment Gateway and Click Connect under Stripe icon. This will open up connection page with Stripe. You can either use an existing account or create new account. There are few steps you need to follow to setup and verify your stripe account. When the account is ready, just get the API key and paste it in ServiceWorks Stripe setting and you are ready to collect payment.

Refund Payment from A/R

New label called Payment has been added to list all the payments made by this customer.

You can select one or more payment and Click Proceed To Refund. In the next page you can choose how you want to refund and complete the transaction.

Multiple Zone Setup

We have enforced the multiple zone specific view privilege.

  1. If you have three zones defined , e.g., Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3. Now the employees assigned to these zones can ONLY see the jobs part of the specific zone by clicking the Show My Zone permission on the Role.
  2. Employees can create jobs in their specific zone only
  3. Employees can view PO created by people of their zone only
  4. Employees can view Invoice of their zone only.

Note: If you all of a sudden can’t see jobs or invoices, please check the permission Show All Zone under Permission and make sure it is NOT checked if you don’t care about zones.

Sales By Location Report

A new report is generated to filter all your orders by city and zip.


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