Release Notes

Release 01.29.2020

How much time do you spend processing your invoice? No you don't have to tell us. Just go see how can you save 99% of your time by using our invoice automation.
  1. Job Template
  2. Project Management Schedule View
  3. Invoice Automation

Job Template

The primary focus of your service business is to create job or work order and create a lot of them. We are making it easy to capture customer information, contract documents and associating even before you are ready to create a work order or job.

So think about it like this. A customer called for service and you just want to quickly take down all the relevant information, but not essentially schedule a visit. You can start with a Job Template.

Visit the Customers page and click the three dots on the side and click Job Template.

This will open up a new page, which looks very much like a new job page, except it’s not going to be an active job. You can add/update the following data for the template

  1. Customer Information
  2. Job Information
  3. Service Items
  4. Product/Items
  5. Charges
  6. Upload Content
  7. Add credit card to save on file
  8. Add Forms

What you can’t do on a template is

  1. Schedule it
  2. Assign it to professional
  3. Process Payment

Once the templates are created you can find them in the Customer-> Job template page. You can search Job Templates by

  1. Customer Name
  2. Zip/Postal Code
  3. City
  4. Phone Number
  5. Source of Call
  6. Job Type

You can edit the templates as many times you like. You can create multiple templates for same customers, if you would like.

Now the great thing is about to happen. At this time you have the job templates set up, and you are ready to create a job. All you have to do is just click on New Job from the three dots. A new job is automatically created with all information that was there before.

Now only thing you have to do is Schedule the job and assign it.

Notes: In the upcoming release we will be able to Auto Create jobs after the events you import from iCal. Stay tuned!

Schedule : Project Management View

We already have multiple schedule boards to look at your work orders or jobs. This view is in addition to every other view you already have.

This is a year long view, which plots 52 weeks of an year in the board and maps all of your jobs in the view. This supports jobs that may run longer than one day. If you are in construction, or projects which takes multiple weeks to complete then this view is for you.

On the y-axis you will see all the Supervisors of the jobs and on the x-Axis will be all the weeks of this year. You can scroll horizontally and vertically to see more weeks or more techs.

You can click on a cell and create a new job from the pop-up box. When you add relevant details and save the job this will be visible on this board. The jobs you create fro this board is also visible in the other regular places, schedule boards, all jobs page etc.

Hope you enjoy this feature and it helps you visualize your whole year at a glance.

Invoice Automation

We are gearing up and automating the invoice processing, so that you can save a lot of hours. How much time do you really spend for invoicing? With this automation you can have everything processed with no time needed from you.

  1. Create Job
  2. Complete a Job
  3. Invoice is Automatically Generated

Now setup the configuration on when to process. It is customizable for your company. Go to Invoice Process page and select the appropriate values.

  1. Due Date: You cans set the due date for your invoice
  2. Auto Charge Day: You can set the auto charge date for your invoice.

Make sure to enable the Invoice Process Checkbox. Now you are all set. Whenever you have completed a job, the invoicing processing will kick in and process it every day at am and pm . If it has credit card on file, it will charge the card, if it doesn’t have card on file it will send email notification with the invoice attached. The customers can pay the invoice online.

If saved hours using this feature, can you please spare 15 minutes of your valuable time and leave us a review here.