Release Notes

Release 01.22.2020

  1. Complete job in Bulk
  2. Cancel job from Mobile App

Complete Job in Bulk

Your business may demand that professionals in the field don’t require to complete the job, or they forgot to complete the job. It becomes the responsibility of an admin to go finish the job. Now we have made it easier for you. No more clicking one by one – all in just one click.

Go to All Jobs page. And apply the date range for today’s date and select the incomplete job checkbox. All the incomplete jobs will show up in the result grid for today.

Then you can select all or some jobs by clicking the checkbox. Then go to Action button on the top and click Complete Job. This will mark all the jobs selected Completed with the date of time when you clicked Completed.

Note: This completing of job will impact the time taken to finish the job, as it doesn’t know the actual time duration spent by a tech on the field. And this extended time will be recorded in the TimeSheet. It is still the best practice to have your tech complete a job from the Mobile App. But if you don’t care about the time spent in the field, then you can use this feature.

Cancel Job from Mobile App

Go to Jobs list and select the job you want to cancel. Scroll down the job and go to the bottom to find the Cancel Job box.

The cancel Job will take you to the page where you can add the reason and type of cancellation along with any notes you want to add. Click the save button and visit the Job List page. This job will be marked as cancelled in the Job List.