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To have a roof over one’s head means to have a home to live in. With the many weather variations, and the kind of climatic roller coaster we live on, the metaphor is apt. But today safety is not the only defining statement with regards to roofs. They have become style statements when a home or property is concerned. From color to the material and structure, roof is now part of the definition of perfection

Concept of the roofs

Ideally, they are meant to keep us safe from any external or mechanical elements– wind, hale, heat, storms, rains, age, fallen branches, dead and decaying leaves, moss and other small plants that sometimes take root on your roof.

Roofing jobs normally don’t occur frequently. The NRCA recommends an inspection on your roof twice per year. Sometimes, a ravenous storm, tree fall, hale etc. can call the roof people home for emergency. Did you know – Water can invade a roof due to missing shingles and flashing, rotten decking and gaps around skylights and the chimney. This could cause damage to anything wood or metal within, fester molds, allergies, pests and so on. Before you know it one leads to the other. For this very reason roofs take the hardest hits when it comes to safety of its inmates.

Roofing doesn’t always mean roofs alone, the services of many roofing companies extends to other exterior features of a house like sidings, fascia, soffit, rain guards, gutter etc. Roof damages can be handled well if periodically maintained, unexpected circumstances apart, these are situations, that you don’t want to take any chances. Now, if you are afraid of heights or don’t have the right kind of tools or expertise to do these things, no worries at all. There are professionals who takes care of it at a price.

The roofing companies provide exceptional services and consultations for residential and commercial properties. They can be contacted through online, call or referrals there are no limits here. The roof inspection, repair and installation are a step by step process depending on the manner of how each company functions, they maintain proper channels of communication between all interested parties.

Inspections – Estimate, Contract and Insurance

Most companies provide the inspection for free. They inform the severity of the damages whether the structures can benefit from just repairs or simply needs a brand-new roof.  

In case of damages, the roofing company must work with the home insurance company to cover most, if not all repairs. A good contractor will take great strides to fasten the repairs and accomplish this feat.

Estimates can be expected back within a day. If the estimate is accepted, then the contract and terms and conditions are signed, and the job gets scheduled.

Repair and Install

Depending on the scope of work, installs can be completed in 1-2 business days, depending on weather conditions

A good roofing company builds to last. A roof job might sometimes require one or more professionals on the property. It’s a time consuming and risky job. They use props, tools and equipment to take them up the heights of the roofs to work and inspect. Roofing companies are rated for a team which is fully insured and certified to provide fast, dependable and reliable work. Their payment options must comply with customer needs and those of the insurance companies.

Roofing works can leave a lot of mess behind, debris in and around the house; if the workers aren’t careful, hard labored and beautiful gardens could easily be a casualty. They must take care to avoid cracked driveways and accidental oil spills. Most companies have tire bound trailers and tarps to take care of these. 


Contractor’s guarantees are issued by the contractor installing the roof. Typically, they keep these short term, up to five years, they cover defective workmanship and defective materials. Whereas, manufacturer’s warranty ranges from 10 to 30 years and cover mostly defects or failures of the roofing materials due to manufacturing defects or premature aging.  The terms of a roofing warranty should be reviewed well to make sure that you receive what you sign up for.

To aid the roofing industry Service Works offers a wide variety of features in our field management software

  • Create Jobs and Estimates
  • Schedule Jobs, additional trips and track recurrence
  • Maintain Customer Database
  • Associate service and items to the jobs
  • Customize team roles and responsibilities
  • Route Optimization and Real time tracking
  • Automatic Notification via emails, calls or texts
  • Forms – Custom create interactive checklists, job forms and survey forms
  • Billing and invoicing with bulk printing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Add notes, upload field content and capture E-signature
  • Calendar, Map, Dashboard and any no. of custom reports
  • Track Warranty

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