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How to Make Your Delivery Service More Profitable in 2022

 How to Make Your Delivery Service More Profitable in 2022

Delivery service use has been on the rise in the last few years. Today you can get food, groceries, gifts, flowers, and more delivered right to your home or office. 

The Covid-19 pandemic caused delivery service use to increase even further. Consumers have gotten used to the convenience of delivery during the pandemic. It is expected that post-pandemic, this consumer trend will continue. 

While Amazon is the leader of fast delivery, many US shoppers would prefer to shop elsewhere. Delivery has been suggested as a key way for small businesses to compete with larger brands. 

Perhaps you own a delivery service business. Or, maybe you want to incorporate delivery into your existing business. Here are some ideas for making your business more profitable in the coming year.

Stay up-to-date with delivery trends 

Respond to industry trends to gain new customers and maintain existing ones. The past few years have seen an increase in unique, high-quality delivery experiences. Companies offer subscription boxes for wine and international snacks, among other things. If your goal is to start a new delivery service, consider a niche service. Birthday boxes? Period comfort kits? There are many ideas to explore. 

Traditional courier services can also find ways to stand out. You could follow the ethical business trend and donate part of your proceeds to a worthy cause. You could commit to delivering your products in eco-friendly packaging. Or, you could employ only eco-friendly vehicles. 

Be creative! Today’s consumers are always looking for a unique service that they can get excited about. 

Make it easy for your service to become a habit 

Delivery services that find a way to become a permanent part of their customers’ lives are set up for success. Your goal is to do your service so well that your customers can’t imagine their lives without it. 

A straightforward way to create a consumer habit is to offer a subscription service. Whether you’re sending a monthly box of goodies or offering reduced prices to subscribers, you’ll be able to count on certain income each month. 

Customer loyalty programs lead to the same result. You could start a points program or offer every tenth service free. Show customers that you appreciate their business and they’ll show their loyalty as well. 

Make your service simple to use 

To have a successful business, you have to understand what customers want and respond appropriately. In the delivery service industry, ease of use is vital. 

Create efficient sales processes so that your customers can easily request your service. Emphasize simplicity and convenience in your marketing materials. For example, include testimonials that speak to the time saved using your service. Create a simple infographic that shows each step of the delivery process. 

If you require signatures upon delivery, employ an eSignature system so that customers can sign for packages on the go. These simple systems will delight your customers and keep them coming back. 

Offer real-time delivery service updates

Costumers love to have information about the status of their deliveries. Real-time tracking keeps customers informed and reduces the number of phone calls you have to field. 

You can also consider using a delivery scheduling tool such as the one offered by ServiceWorks. This tool notifies customers of upcoming deliveries. Reducing the uncertainty around deliveries will make clients big fans of your service. 

Offer different service options 

Different customers have different needs, and many are willing to pay extra to have those needs met. Offering faster services at a higher price point is a good way to increase your company’s profits. Many delivery services have 1-day or 2-day shipping alongside a standard option. You could also introduce gift packaging for a small additional cost. 

But, keep reliability at the forefront of your operations. Rush shipping is great in theory. However, if you can’t fulfill the rushed orders, you’ll have lots of angry customers to deal with. Make sure that you’re not promising more than you can reasonably achieve. 

Fix inefficiencies in your delivery service

Small inefficiencies are likely costing you. The first place to look for issues is your service routes. A vehicle tracking system can give you the data that you need. What’s your average delivery time? What neighborhoods are receiving the most deliveries? The next step is to use route optimization software to make sure you’re taking the most efficient routes. 

Ask your employees for advice, as well. Your drivers will know the most about traffic issues and other factors that stretch out the length of a delivery. Your salespeople and customer service staff will be aware of other problems. 

When you’re running a delivery service, you want to get things right the first time. ServiceWorks can help. Platform features instant booking, eSignature collection, delivery scheduling, vehicle tracking, and route optimization—everything you need to make your delivery service more profitable. You can try ServiceWorks for free for 14 days, no credit card required.