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How to Get Landscaping Customers

How to Get Landscaping Customers

You’ve tried direct mailings, print ads, and door-to-door sales. But, you can’t help but wonder how to get landscaping customers through a more streamlined process. 

The good news for you is that there are better solutions out there. Picture this: someone in your area Googles “shed building regulations near me.” They click on an article on your website that details the regulations for your county and provides other useful shed-building tips. Then, they sign up for your newsletter to receive more information. In just a few clicks, you’ve gained a potential customer.

This sleek process can become a part of your landscaping lead generation. When you understand how potential consumers act online, you can design your marketing efforts to accurately reach them. Since the average household spends over $500 a year on landscaping, there are likely many people looking for your services. 

This article shows you how to get landscaping customers by making it easy for potential customers to find you. 

Create a base of relevant, informative content on your website or social pages

Remember that customer interested in shed building? They found your company through an article on your website. This example shows how good content can attract leads.

Put yourself in the place of your customers and consider what information they might be looking for. Perhaps they want to know which plants are best suited to your area. Maybe they’re wondering how often they should mow their lawns during the winter. These are potential topics for articles. 

Adding these articles to your website serves a variety of purposes:

  • You’ll attract customers to your business
  • You can reuse this content on your social media pages and in your marketing emails
  • You can direct customers to articles that answer their frequently asked questions
  • You build your reputation as a landscaping leader in your area

If you don’t enjoy writing or simply don’t have time for it, consider outsourcing this task to a content writer trained in SEO.

Maintain constant contact with your leads

No, I’m not talking about calling them repeatedly to ask if they’re interested in your services. 

Instead, communicate consistently in unintrusive ways. Regular email or print newsletters and consistent social media posting work well. These emails and posts should share valuable information, not just be overtly promoting your business. 

Because they signed up to follow you, you know that they’re at least vaguely interested in your services. But, they’re probably not ready to buy just yet. Maintaining constant contact keeps them from forgetting about you. Eventually, they actually will want to book a service. 

In addition, by consistently sharing valuable information, you leave a positive impression and give leads a reason to trust you. You show them that you’re not just trying to sell your products and services; you really care about helping them with their landscaping. 

 Use call to action phrases to generate new leads and strengthen existing leads

Every time someone comes across your business online is an opportunity for you to gain a new lead or convert an existing lead into a customer. A call to action (CTA) encourages someone to immediately act on the information you’ve shared with them. 

You’ve probably noticed how every YouTuber finishes by saying “don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.” You should include in every email, blog post, flyer, social media post, etc a specific CTA. For example, if you’re sending out an email to existing leads, encourage them to “book a consultation today.” A funny Facebook post could remind people to “like our page” or “see our great prices on our website.”

Make these CTA phrases easy and actionable. It’s not too hard to get people to follow you on social media. Increasing your followers can be very rewarding for your business. You immediately have a bigger pool of potential customers and people who can refer you to their friends. 

Set up a rewards program or referral program for your existing customers

A great but often overlooked way to get more customers is to ramp up your marketing to the customers you already have. 

These people have already bought from you and hopefully had a positive experience. Encourage them to purchase again through a program that rewards loyalty. For example, you could offer a discount when someone signs up for a year of mowing services. That might be enough to push someone from weekly or monthly booking to booking your services for a year. 

You can also provide discounts and special offers to existing customers when you upsell them or cross-sell them. In short, making your existing customers feel special motivates them to keep hiring you. 

Furthermore, your existing customers are a great source for new customers. They probably already recommend you to family and friends every once in a while. But, you can make these referrals more consistent through incentivization. Consider discounting a customer’s work if someone they refer books a service through your company. 

Keep an open mind about how to get landscaping customers

There are so many different marketing tactics that you can use to get more landscaping customers. Make sure that you have a system in place to keep track of the results from each tactic. As your marketing plan develops, you’ll probably want to focus on a few key strategies, so you need to know which were the most successful. 

Finally, be open to experimentation until you find the tactics that work best for you and your landscaping business. 
You’ve seen some new ways to generate leads and turn those leads into sales for your landscaping company. Technology can help with these processes and the other core processes that you manage in your business. Try out ServiceWorks to streamline your booking process, CRM, invoices, and analytics. You can try ServiceWorks for free for 14 days, no credit card required.


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