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6 Clever Ways to Market Your Bin Cleaning Business

These marketing ideas for your bin cleaning business could take your sales to the next level.

Bin cleaning is a business with massive possibilities for expansion. After all, pretty much every home and business has a trash bin that needs to be cleaned every once in a while. Maybe you’ve been doing great work for the past couple of years and now you feel that it’s time to take your bin cleaning business to the next level with more and bigger clients. Consider trying one or more of the following ways to market your bin cleaning business. 

1. Customize your Google Business Profile 

You’ve probably already created a Google business listing so that your company appears in Google Search results. However, the creation of this business profile is just one small piece of what you can do to drive traffic to your business through Google. In order to manage your Google Business Profile, you need to create a Google My Business account. This account is linked to your profile and allows you to customize and improve your business listing. 

Once you have Google My Business set up, you can customize your listing by including links to your website and social media pages. You can make sure that your hours and contact information are up to date. You can even include your service details and rates right there in the listing! Having a detailed profile makes your bin cleaning business look organized and trustworthy. 

You can also add photos and offers to your Google My Business regularly to keep your listing fresh and relevant.

2. Stay on top of Google Business customer interaction

Optimizing your Google Business Profile is also important so that you can manage reviews and answer customer questions. Responding to positive and negative reviews on Google shows your customers that you really care about the experience that they had with your cleaning service. Answering questions also helps people better understand how bin cleaning works. 

After you’ve moved past the basics, you can look into using Google My Business to improve your local SEO, as well. 

3. Spread the word about why cleaning trash bins is so important 

The more people understand and value the work that you do, the more they will be interested in hiring you for your services. Constantly share information about the adverse effects of dirty bins on your social media sites and website. 

Talk to managers of local restaurants, apartment complexes, clinics, and senior care facilities about how to keep their trash bins and dumpsters from becoming breeding grounds for bacteria or pests. No one wants to have their business associated with unhygienic or unsanitary conditions. Show before and after photos of the biggest messes you’ve successfully taken care of and share your positive customer feedback and success stories. 

4. Motivate people to learn why they need your service 

Lots of bin cleaning businesses advertise on the side of their cleaning trucks, but you can go a step further with a question like “Do you know what’s growing in your trash can?” or “Did you know that a dirty trash bin can make you sick?” written on the side of your truck to grab people’s attention. Prompt them to “learn more by going to”

5. Show up to help clean in your community 

Showing that you truly care for your community is one of the best local marketing tactics there is. You know that the work that you do every day keeps your community healthy and safe, but you could be missing bigger opportunities to share your work with the neighborhood. Perhaps your town organizes a park cleanup day—you could volunteer to clean the trash bins in exchange for advertising space or the opportunity to hand out flyers. 

Another potential volunteer opportunity is an outdoor fundraising event. An event related to health and hygiene would be a particularly good match for a bin cleaning business. If the park or organization doesn’t have a regular bin cleaning provider, you may gain a new customer. 

6. Don’t underestimate the power of direct marketing

To attract residential customers in your area, memorize trash pick-up schedules and leave flyers or stickers on emptied bins. If you’re having a slow day, you could even take your truck and go door-to-door to offer a cleaning right that moment before people pull their bins back up their driveways. 

Commercial customers can also be targeted this way. Stop by local businesses and apartment complexes right after their trash has been taken away and ask if they’re interested in a one-time cleaning. Many people will probably be thrilled to know that there is a simple solution to a problem that they have been putting off. Of course, once you’ve performed that first cleaning, your customers are left knowing that they can call you anytime in the future. 

As you gain new customers and your business grows, it’s important to ensure that you’re still providing excellent customer service and support.  ServiceWorks can help you can take bookings directly from your website and manage your routes, schedules, and other key customer interactions. Schedule a Demo and see how it can help your business grow.


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