Personalized Email Setup – Gmail

To begin, click on the cogwheel in the toolbar to open up the Configurations Tab and navigate to Notification -> Personalized Email

In the Personalized Email menu, you’ll have the following options available for enabling your personalized email account:

Once here, enter the following information to fill out the fields:

  • Check the Personalized Email checkbox to enable this feature within your ServiceWorks Account
  • SMTP Server Address: smtp.gmail.com
  • Port: 465 (Note: You can also use port 587 if you receive an error message when setting up.)
  • Email From Id: enter your email address
  • SMTP User Id: enter your email address again
  • SMTP Password: This is a password that will need to be generated from within your Gmail account. Use the instructions in the following section to create your password:
  • Check the Is SSL Enabled checkbox

Go to https://myaccount.google.com/u/1/security and make sure your two-step verification is on.

Next, click on 2-Step Verification

In the 2-Step Verification menu, click on the App Passwords section

Now, enter a name for the password you’d like to create. We recommend using something along the lines of ‘Mail’ or ‘ServiceWorks’ that will distinguish this password from others. Once finished with naming, click Create

Upon clicking the create button, a password will be generated. Copy and paste this password into the SMTP Password section in ServiceWorks and click Save

Once finished with the setup, we recommend sending a test email to ensure the SMTP process has been enabled correctly. You will need to log out of ServiceWorks as well as close any open ServiceWorks tabs to complete the setup process

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