Integrating ServiceWorks With Zapier

You can use Zapier to link ServiceWorks to other apps and automate a workflow whenever a specific action occurs within your ServiceWorks account. Here’s a brief walkthrough on how to set up these workflows and which actions can be used to do so:

To begin, log in to your Zapier account

Once in your Zapier dashboard, hover over the toolbar on the left side of the screen and select Apps

In the Apps menu, type “ServiceWorks” into the search bar to view the app and click Connect

Once selected, a popup will appear asking for your ServiceWorks username and password. Enter both and then click the Yes, Continue to ServiceWorks button

Once connected, you should see ServiceWorks among your list of connected apps in Zapier.

Now that you’ve connected ServiceWorks with your Zapier account, you can begin to setup zaps for certain actions that occur within your account.

To begin, hover over the icons on the left side of your Zapier dashboard and select Create Zap

In the zap creation menu, you’ll have the options to have ServiceWorks as either a Trigger, which will start the zap automation workflow, or an Action, as a response to another app within the zap workflow

ServiceWorks as A Trigger:

Assign ServiceWorks to trigger this zap automation when a customer’s information has been edited

Or you can set the automation process to trigger whenever a new customer has been created

Once you’ve set your trigger, you’ll be asked to run a test to confirm your settings. Select customer information to begin the testing process

ServiceWorks as an Action

As an action, you can automate other apps to have customers created within ServiceWorks using the information entered

Before you can continue designing your zap, you must map the format of the data import using the fields supplied. Click Continue once you are finished

Once setup, a test customer will be created in ServiceWorks using Zapier to confirm the current configuration. Once complete, click Publish to create your zap with ServiceWorks automation

To view more zap automation configurations, click HERE

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