How to Void / Write Off Invoices

Voiding and writing off invoices are essential processes that businesses may need to undertake for various reasons. In certain instances, an invoice may need to be voided due to errors, such as incorrect billing information, duplicate entries, or miscalculations.
Voiding an invoice ensures that it no longer affects the financial records and prevents any further actions associated with the erroneous invoice.

On the other hand, writing off an invoice becomes necessary when a debt becomes uncollectible or irrecoverable.
Writing off the invoice acknowledges the loss and removes it from the accounts receivable, allowing the business to accurately reflect its financial standing.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to void and write off invoices from within your ServiceWorks account:

How To Void A POS Invoice

To void a POS transaction, start by hovering over Order in the toolbar and clicking POS from the dropdown menu

Within the POS menu, use the search fields to lookup the POS invoice by either its number, the name of the customer, or any other additional information. Once you’ve located the invoice, hover over the three dots at the far right side and click Void

When clicked, a window will come up with the following message. Once satisfied with your selection, click Yes to continue

Please Note the following when voiding an invoice with partial payments made:

– Any “On Account” credits applied will be returned to the customer’s account
– Any payments taken via credit card will need to be refunded via Customer A/R page
– All other forms of payment taken will be voided

Once voided, the invoice will now be highlighted in green, showing an amount due of 0.00.

How to Write Off an Invoice

For invoices that were not made via POS transaction, you will need to write those off.

To do so, start by hovering over the Customer section of the toolbar and clicking Customer A/R

In the Customer A/R menu, enter the invoice number into the search field to locate the associated customer account. Once found, click the Payment link at the far end

In the next view, click on the checkbox next to the invoice that needs to be written off, and then click the Proceed to Payment button

In the payment menu, click the Write Off button to complete the writing off of the selected invoice.

To view a list of all invoices that have been written off, click on Reports within the toolbar

In the reports view, navigate to the financial reports column and click on Write Off

And from here you can see a list of all of the recorded invoices that have been written off (for more information on the generated results of this report, click HERE)

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