Routing and Optimization

Ability to create efficient job routes and ability to assign tech to a job automatically saves a lot of time. ServiceWorks routing and optimization feature helps you create a routing sheet based on the jobs you have scheduled. It gives you the ability to optimize the routes based on employee skill set, proximity to location, traffic condition and weather condition. It’s just a simple button click to optimize a day’s route or a a month worth of jobs.

Navigate to Jobs -> Optimization

Select The Employees you want to include in this optimization. The system automatically takes care of the employees not working, so you do not have to deselect those employees.

Optimize by Zone

You can filter by Zone and optimize the jobs by zone.

If the zone was not possible to be optimized you will get details report on why it was not possible.

You will also see the optimization that was possible on the right hand panel. It will also give you the complete optimized miles.

If you are happy with the result , you can click Accept. If not you can retry or resort to your manual method.

Multi Day Optimization

You can get all the jobs in your system and you can optimize for multiple days or even for a month to auto calculate job assignment and routing. Do the same as before, just select the appropriate date range and click Optimize. Because it runs the algorithm for multiple days it will take a few minutes to calculate the result.



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