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Feature Update: Recurrences

We at ServiceWorks are proud to introduce a new and improved way to view recurrences. This newly developed menu also allows for recurrences to be copied as well. Here’s a tutorial on how to navigate these new features within the system:

Note: The recurrence feature is only available for Plus packages and higher. To add this feature to your account, please contact us at support@service.works

Enabling the Recurrences Menu

So before you can use this new feature, first you will need to enable the Recurrence menu within ServiceWorks. To do so, navigate to Admin -> Permission to reach the permission screen.

From there, you’ll need to set the first dropdown box to the role you wish to enable the Recurrence menu for and set the second dropdown box to Job. Once the dropdown boxes have been set, scroll down and enable all of the permissions beside the Recurrences option and then select Save

Accessing the Recurring Jobs Menu

Now that you’ve enabled the Recurrences menu, you can reach it by hovering over Jobs on the toolbar and selecting the dropdown that says Recurring Jobs

Now that you’re in the menu, you should see a list of all the parent jobs for any recurrences you currently have scheduled. You have several options that you can carry out from here:

  • Search recurrences by date, customer info, or the professional assigned to the job
  • Filter search results by Job Status, Job Type, Classification, Zone, Source, or Recurrence frequency
  • View a list of all child jobs associated with parent jobs
  • Copy and/or delete recurrences

Copying a Recurrence

To copy a recurrence, click the three dots at the far right side and then select Copy Recurrence

In the following popup, you can enter the new dates for your copied recurrence, as well as edit the pattern of recurrence if needed. Once satisfied with your changes, select Next to continue

Next, you’ll be presented with a list of items to be copied along with the recurrences. Once verified, click Copy to begin the process. Shortly after, you will receive a notification for when the copying process is complete

Deleting a Recurrence

To delete a recurrence, click the three dots at the far right side and then select Delete Recurrence

In the following popup, you’ll see a prompt confirming your choice of recurrence for deletion. Deleting the recurrence will not delete jobs that have been marked as completed.

Type ‘PERMANENTLY DELETE‘ in the field provided and then select Delete. You’ll receive a notification stating that your deletion is in process.

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