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6 Ways to Take Notes in ServiceWorks

Creating a job or a work order requires a lot of notes on different data elements. Here’s a brief explanation of where you can enter notes within the system and who has the ability to view these notes.

1 – Customer Notes

You can create a general Customer note in the Customer Section. These will be the notes that technicians can see in the field. It could be something like a gate code, or any other relevant information you want the field workers to see.

2 – Address Notes

Each address can also have notes associated with it. These are for notes that your technicians won’t be able to see, but you want to keep track of as an admin,

3 – Job Notes

These are details associated with this particular job. This information is visible to the technicians. Also, you can send this information as part of your estimation or invoice using the legend {Note} in Invoice Template and Estimation Template.

Job notes are also viewable and editable from the mobile app.

The job description is not same as job note
Job note is visible on the job detail page
Job Note in detail when you click Notes

4 – Trip Notes

Trip Notes are intended for internal use only. These fields can’t be added to invoices or estimations. The trip notes are useful when you have a multi-scheduled job and want to know what was done on the last trip, as the last trip in the series may not have been assigned to you. Instead of calling the other technicians for verification, the information is available to you in the app directly.

Trip notes can also be viewed and edited from the mobile app. It stamps the date, time, and who edited the trip note information. The same information syncs back to the website for the desktop view as well.

5 – Explanation of Service/ Service Performed

These are the notes to be written and submitted by field workers. But it can be edited by the admin as well. This information also can be part of an estimation or invoice. The legend for this field is {ExplanationServices}. Generally, companies use this field to let the customers know what occurred during this visit.

The Service performed can be entered from the app and be visible on the main job detail page, and also in the Notes section under Service performed. The Service Performed is also visible from Service History.

6 – Red Flag Note

If you want to mark a customer as red-flagged and enter a reason why, this is the place you enter your notes. This is visible only to users who have permission to view this.

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