Field Service Maid Service Tutorial

Digitizing Work Orders with Smart Service Works App

What is a work order?

Many of you are probably aware of work orders. For those of you how might be new to the home services industry, we’ll go over a work order briefly for you. A work order gives written instructions to the service technician and how he or she should approach completing the work. For example, if you run a plumbing business, it’s important that you draw up work orders for your staff that outline all of the work that will be performed for the customer. A work order will generally contain the following elements:

  • Instructions on the work being performed
  • Cost estimates
  • Forms that can be filled out by the service provider as well as the customer
  • Date and time to execute the work order
  • Information about the location and entities to execute the work order
  • The person to whom the work order is assigned

Think about a work order when you bring in your automobile for service. It generally outlines all of the work that will be performed, estimated time and costs associated before the sale.

Work Order is Simplified in ServiceWorks

You don’t have to drag paper and pen everywhere you go. Everything is possible digitally from anywhere

  1. Enter your job information
  2. Enter customer information
  3. Search and enter items needed to accomplish the job.
  4. Enter Service Items and cost associated with it.
  5. Enter Any additional charges you may incur (like Trip fee , Over sized shipment etc).
  6. Associate the checklist items needed by your technicians to complete the job.

Send the Quote to customer, get approval from the customer, then get ready to for your dispatch.

You assign techs, and techs go on to the field with Service Works mobile app on their own device. They can see what job they need to go to, all relevant details of the job plus any disclaimers they need to get customer signature on before they start the job.

During the job, the tech can fill in the relevant forms associated with the job. And mark the job as completed. Technicians can collect payment from customer at the field. Then the invoice gets sent to the customer automatically.

As back office admin, you can see everything that happened to this Job and you can see the progress of every checklist your tech has been assigned.

You are in full control from your office. You know every aspect of this job in real time.

Customer, Admin and Tech – all are happy people with smart ServiceWorks work order – because it saves time, money and increases quality.