Jobs Mobile App Tutorial

Customizable Form Template

As we know, Job forms can be used for different purposes, it would be a list of guidelines, checklists for Pre-job activities, or on-the-job activities. 

There might be some businesses that would like to use these forms as proof of evidence for the job performed at the client site for compliance purposes. These businesses might require some additional information to be displayed from the account/configuration set up such as their Company name, company address, license number, or critical client information such as account number, service address, and much more. 

The purpose of the form template is to let you configure this additional information to be displayed on the form so the form can be repurposed in different ways. 

How to Create Customize Form Template

Go to Configuration->Form Settings->Form Templates. By default, you will see the {FormData} dynamic tag already in your template. You need to edit this template to add a header/ footer and any other additional information you need.

Make sure to add the additional information in this template from the legend box to be displayed on the form. 

You can preview the form by entering the JobListID in the box. You can find the job list Id from the actual job form preview.

You can add a new job and attach a form to it which will now show the additional company information which is incorporated in the template. You can preview the job from the Job. If you need help designing the Form Template, please call the support line or send your request through the Help link.

How to attach a Form to a Job

You can attach forms to a job from the webpage and also from the mobile app.

Attach Jobs from Webpage

Open an existing job and look for the form box on the right panel. Click the Search Form button and the list of existing forms will show up.

Now you can select one or multiple forms and attach to the job.

For every attached form, you will see two links in the form list. The name of the form is a hyperlink and if you click it will show the preview of the form with filled-in data. Look at the URL and find the value next to joblistid. This is the number you can use to preview the form in Form Template while designing the form.

The edit /pencil icon next to each form will let you edit the answers to the form. As an admin, you can edit the form answers anytime you like.

How to attach a job from the mobile app?

Go to the job list and scroll down to the Job form section. Click the section and this will take you to the place where you can attach forms. Click the Red plus icon and then pick Job Form or Survey Form. This will take you to a list of available job forms available for this particular form type. Click the grey round circle to select the forms you want to attach. The circle will turn green on selection. Click Attach Job Form button to complete this process. You can edit the form and submit it after attaching the job forms. If the job forms were already assigned from the web page, you will already find those forms as attached in the mobile app and vice versa.

Note: If you recently created a Form in the form list from the web and can’t see it in the mobile app, please Manually Download the data again.

How to Email forms To Customers?

Once the job forms are attached you can email them to the customers from the webpage or mobile page. Click the Action Button and the bottom of the job detail page and click Email Invoice. You will see a button saying Attach Job Form. Click the button and pick the forms you want to attach and send to the customer.

Form mobile app you can click the Email button and then click the red plus sign to get options of attaching form. Pick the forms and attach to the job. Then send email as usual the job forms will be attached to the email.