Communication Features

Two Way SMS

Communication has become a very critical piece of our day-to-day life. Keep your customers in the loop every step of the way. To offer them a top-notch service one has to communicate with the customers effectively.

ServiceWorks introduces a way to keep in touch with your customer via two way texting , let them know if your are running late or your waiting outside in the parking lot to be let in. Go an extra mile to keep your customers informed.

Two Way texting feature of ServiceWorks let you text/chat with your customer from your office or even from the field , empower your field work force with this effective tool. This feature comes in very handy if you have to communicate anything before the appointment from the office or last minute things from the professional in the field to the customer.

You can text with your customer right from the work order/job page.

Two way SMS /messaging from Edit job page , that way you can text the customer from each job/work order page it show the ticket number on the chat you are chatting for.

Messages are also available from the messages panel, that can be seen by clicking on your profile drop down and selecting “messages”.

The field professional can text the customer from the ServiceWorks Pro App


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