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7 ways to Process Credit Card payments in Service Works

ServiceWorks has multiple ways where you or your customer can process payments. We support many types of payment methods.

Credit Card: This processing can be integrated payment processing when you are connected to Authorize.Net, Sphere or Square or it can be used as reconciliation transaction where you process the credit card in some other system, but add the transaction id in ServiceWorks in the note.

Debit Card: The debit cards which are also credit cards can be processed in integrated payment. Otherwise you need to process the payment in another system and add the relevant details in the note section for reconciliation.

Check: You can add the check holder name and check number and mark the transaction as collected by check. However we do not support eCheck i.e. real time processing of check to transfer funds to your account. You will need to deposit the check using your own online banking app or physically going to the ATM/bank locations. Check collected on field during cash transaction will be visible in Deposit page. Also the technicians can see the amount to deposit under the deposit menu in ServiceWorks Pro mobile app.

Cash: Transactions will be marked as cash transaction. Cash collected on field during cash transaction will be visible in Deposit page. Also the technicians can see the amount to deposit under the deposit menu in ServiceWorks Pro mobile app.

EFT: If you are collecting money through ACH or EFT from your customer then you need to use this method and mark them as EFT transaction and add relevant notes/transaction id to this process for reconciliation.

On Account: You don’t always have to process payments immediately. You can put on account of the customer and accept cumulative payments later. For example, if you did 4 jobs for a customer in a month, you can put all these charges for all 4 invoices on account and end of the month you can process the payment once.

In this article we will elaborate on Credit Card Payments.

Credit Card :

There are 7 places to process credit card payments.

1 – Job Page:

This is the internal payment processing page. When customer call you by phone to process transaction or you have customers card on file and want to process the transaction.

How to Process Payment in Job Page?

  • Please select payment option: Down payment , Invoice payment.
  • Select Credit card as the payment option and enter the card information and check the box where you will save the card for future use.
  • And then click the button pay now and save the job. That way your card will be saved too. If the payment gets processed you will see the transaction ID returned to you and you can also see that the card is processed under the job log .

2 – External Payment Page

You can email an invoice to your customer and in the invoice email template you can add an external payment link.

The external payment link will result into a clickable link which the customers can click and land on a payment page. In this page the customers can enter their credit card information and transaction will be processed.

Admin will get a notification that a payment has been made, you will also see the notifications from your website as admin and your mobile app. You will also see the details of the transaction from your job page under the payment box and also the job log.

3 – Invoice Page

If you have credit card on file for customers then you can bulk process the payment from Invoice page. Select all the customers and click on Bulk Process Payment button.

4 – Automated Invoice

If you have credit card on file for customers and have the automated invoicing enabled, then the processor will auto process the payment.

5 – ServiceWorks Pro

From the mobile app the admin or technician whoever has the permission to process payment can collect card information and submit payment. However credit card processing from mobile app will happen only when you are NOT in OFFLINE mode.

6 – Customer AR

You can process payments of multiple invoice from Customer AR.

Select one or more invoices for this customer and click Proceed to Payment.

Enter Payment Mode as Credit Card and enter relevant details and save.

7 – POS

For businesses selling parts/items/physical inventory to the customers from their store can use the simple POS system in Service Works to process to sell items and collect payments.

How do you know credit card payment has been made for a Job?

  1. You will be notified that a payment has been made through email
  2. You will see notifications in the bell icon of the website
  3. You will see notifications in the mobile app ServiceWorks Pro
  4. You will see the payment detail in Edit Job Page payment box
  5. You will see the payments details in the job log box.
  6. You will be send push notifications through the mobile app.