Crystal Clear Services

I like the population auto fills. The search ability is a key factor in running our business. We ran a business in Arizona with twenty-five employee’s and keep tracking of what was going on was our biggest hurdle. I tried a lot of other software for this purpose (several costing 5 times the cost of sw) without the power of service works.

Just like learning any new software there are some frustrations along the way. There are a few bugs in the system that haven’t been ironed out yet, for example; sometimes I will but in place holder information like the phone number if I don’t know it. I will enter all fours or something with the intent to go back and enter the number when I get it. SW uses the ph number for the customer number. I doesn’t allow you you to edit the customer number, oh it has the edit icon and you can delete it, but it won’t allow you you to enter anything. By the way the work around for this one is copy and paste.

Made comparisons to what we needed, how adaptable the software was going to be for our operation. The customer service.

That software was cumbersome and heavy, but it did have the functionality once you fought your way through the maze. The problem with this company is their absolute failing in customer service. If they got back to you it was two or three days later. Lot of the time they just wouldn’t. They bought this company and have the attitude that because they are the leaders in cell service they automatically are the best in this. NOT! I know a lot of bakers that wouldn’t make good brain surgeons.

My overall buy point was their customer service. The attention to detail that [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] delivers to my situation gives me all the confidence in the world that I will stay with this company for a long time. We can now set this aside as we rebuild our business in the future. We are licensed in NY. TN and AZ and are expecting 100 employee’s in each location. This software will be going right along with us.