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Pick the Closest Technician for Dynamic Scheduling

Dynamic scheduling is when you create job/ schedules in the middle of the day and want to find the closest technicians to assign the job to.

Here is day of Matthew the technician. He has jobs as 8:00am, 10am and 4pm. 3 jobs assigned.

Now in the middle of the day you want to schedule another job at 9:00 am and trying to find the closest tech. Will you pick Matthew or someone else?

For a specific job on that day you open the professional window to select techs.

  1. You see Alec is 2 miles away but is busy during 9:00am
  2. Christopher is free and 5 miles away
  3. Matthew will be in between jobs, he can reach their by 9, but can’t really get to his next appointment by 10 if the job takes longer
  4. Arnold is free and 7 miles away

With this in view you will possibly select either Christopher or Arnold.

Along with the miles away from current job, this window also gives you other information

  1. Match Skill Set: Do they have the skills to do the job
  2. Available: Are they available or off
  3. Service Area: Do they generally serve this zip code
  4. Phone Number: Quick call to tech looking at their number.
  5. Daily Schedule: Snapshot of daily jobs for each tech.

With all this information in hand, your scheduling just got easier!