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ServiceWorks provides advanced Back office for Cleaning Service

The cleaning industry has its specific challenges. How can you improve the quality of your work, or be more profitable, or handle your employees better? If you are in the residential or commercial cleaning business, all of those questions (and many more) are running through your head, and it doesn’t help that turnover happens far too often, the competition is fierce, and the bar that your customers hold you to keeps getting higher. A cleaning software should be able to help you structure your business properly, which can ease the stress of your current problem areas.

Work Order Creation

Our Job creation is simple and one page – can be created under 23 seconds. No clicking around or moving from page to page. You can track additional details for every work order.

  1. Call Receive Date: This can be back dated as well if you are working off of a paper trail
  2. Job Type: You can configure your job types any way you want. You can run reports off of this classification to get better financial understanding.
  3. Source of Call: This will help you understand where the leads are coming from, so you can optimize your marketing budget based on that.
  4. Type of Call: This is again a customization value field. You can create a list of any types of call. Some of the customers use it for differentiating between their service if they have multiple service operation.

Add any number of pre-defined service items for your cleaning industry. You can use ServiceWork template or add your own. Every Service line item keeps track of the cost and price, so that you can run aggregate report to see your profit and revenue.

You can add any materials or items you need to accomplish these job or work order. These items are integrated with our inventory system.

You can see the total charges grouped by Service, Item and other. you can add any number of other charges you need.

Recurring Job Schedule

You can schedule recurring jobs for your customer way into the future and assign teams automatically.

Some common scenarios used in the cleaning industry:

  1. Schedule bi-weekly jobs
  2. Schedule weekly jobs on specific day
  3. Schedule one time job for moving in or moving out.
  4. Regular cleaning in property management to multiple units.

Customer Detail

Create Customer or chose an existing customer from your database. We do support multiple contacts of one customer. We support three types of customer

  1. Company : You may have a commercial organization as your customer who may have different location. ServiceWorks can track the job of specific locations out of many. The billing address may me the same or different based on the company.
  2. Customer: These could be your regular residential customers, and you can store the information of multiple customers.
  3. Property Management: You may have property management as customers where your service location may be different apartment units , but your billing is handled by the apartment manager for all the units.

Customer History

You can see the complete service and sales history of this customer forever. All the work orders completed for this customer and any up sell you have done for selling any goods for this customers will be visible in one click.


See all of your jobs and who these jobs are assigned to in one single screen by day, week or month.

See another view of the schedule with time-off details of your crew members. This view is good if you are a bigger company with more than 5 members.

See details of important aspects of a job with just hovering over that item

Team Creation

While assigning jobs you can assign multiple crew members and assign one of them as a leader. The leader can add , remove , change the other members associated with a job. You can change your team members at any point of time during the work order life cycle.

Schedule time can be many types.

  1. All Day: Here you are scheduled to be any time during a day. This is generally used if you want to use our optimization feature to assign crew members and set their exact time automatically.
  2. Specific Time: You can set specific date and time
  3. Time range: You can set a time range , and this value is configurable based on your preference.

You can see the calendar while you are in the schedule section to give you ease of access to see the jobs already scheduled in that date , around that area.


Any time you can reschedule any job that is scheduled with ease. You can select why you are rescheduling and new date time and even order items you need to perform this job.


If yo are trying to take your company to the next level, then optimization is what you need. You just come and click a button called Optimize in ServiceWorks and it runs the smart algorithm to auto assign jobs to available crew members based on their availability, time off, skills and proximity.

The optimization can get advanced by defining specific zones your company operates under. Also adding specific skills to different team members will get you accurate and more precise optimization routes and assignment. It tells you the total number of miles that has been generated as part of the rote plan.


ServiceWorks has a powerful invoicing mechanism unlike any other software. You can print bulk invoices with one click and send it to your customer.

ServiceWorks support two types of Invoicing. Flat Price and Itemized. For Flat Price Invoicing just show your labor fee as the final cost, for itemized you can show the detail breakdown of all the items.

You can run reports to generate Commission , productivity and Financial reports. We have 80+ reports for you to use right away. And we can add any number of reports for you with a turnaround time of 2 days.

Automated Notification

We have the most sophisticated way of sending notification to your customers. We have 6 triggers to send notification and all of these can be turned on or off based on events or customers. You are in full control.

  1. Notification for job created
  2. Notification for Job Edited
  3. Notification when team is on their way
  4. Notification when team has arrived at the location
  5. Notification when the job has been completed
  6. Notification for appointment reminder
  7. Personalized email Notification

You can create template for every event notification, ServiceWorks already has a pre-loaded template for every trigger, but you can edit it and make it your own. In your template you can customize with your own company logo and branding.

We send three types of notification. Email, SMS and Robo call. Again you can turn anything on or off based on your preference.

You can message your team members on field and your members will be able to see your message on the ServiceWorks mobile app they use on their handheld device.

Integration with Quick book

Many organization use quick book as their financial software and ServiceWorks does one way integration with Quick Book. We send all the transaction data to QuickBook and this includes Customer Detail, Payment, Invoice etc. Its a very easy and quick set up.

Tracking your Members

While your members are at field, you have complete visibility to see where they are and what is their progress.

Map: Track all of your members on a map and see where they are. They GPS tracking send continuous location information from their hand help device.

Content: You can see all the content uploaded by your member from the field , right on your back office view. Your team can upload and you can see audio, video , photo or any documents.

eSignature: Customer signature gathered from the field for any form or disclaimer is available for you to see

Track Time: You can see when the employees are on their way, when they arrived and when they completed their job with date time stamp.

Set Up

Last point in here I am going to cover, but really the first step to get started using the ServiceWorks software is the Setup or Configuration.

We have clear separation of configuration setting you need for using specific features. Some of the features you will need to configure for Cleaning is :

  1. Site Settings
  2. Job Settings
  3. Service Settings
  4. Invoice Settings
  5. Delivery Settings
  6. Price List
  7. Notification
  8. Admin

We are always here to help you get your company setup exactly how you want. It takes only an hour to setup your company, employee and other related details to get started.

If you want to see how this software is in action, please schedule a FREE DEMO.