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Increase Revenue with Air BNB Cleaning

AirBNB cleaning has become a new add-on for most of the cleaning service business. The only one issue is managing the bookings. It comes from all different sources and channels, and there is no easy way to manage all these bookings.

Where do you get the bookings from?

You get the booking from local job posting sites, like indeed, or any other job site related to AirBNB. But no matter where you get the booking from, if the cleaning is meant to be for a host in Air BNB then the host has a guest calendar tied to the Air BNB. This guest calendar in the Air BNB is the source of all bookings for that particular property.

Now think about it. What if you could get all these bookings automatically downloaded to your own calendar? Yes, that’s right! Getting all your bookings for all clients in your own calendar without you manually entering it. You can experience this right now. No more looking at multiple Air BNB calendars to see when the booking starts and ends.

Pull all sources into one place

ServiceWorks let’s you pull your guest calendar from AirBnB, VRBO, Homeaway and all major booking platforms and channel managers into one central location. When you have more customers, just add the calendar channel, and import.

ServiceWorks software has the most beautiful way to combine all your booking from different sources into one calendar.

Auto Create Jobs

And not just that, it CAN AUTO CREATE jobs in between your bookings. That means if you have client booking for customer John Smith who checked out at 5pm, it will auto create jobs at the available slot after 5pm automatically. Also it will send you notification about job creation. You can adjust the schedule if you need to, or assign team for that job. later on.

Live Updates

If the booking changes and the customer decides to check out early, check out late or cancels the booking, the new booking time will come automatically and fill your calendar. And not just that if you had any jobs created after that booking it will be removed and a new job will be created based on the new booking date.

Magical Moment

It’s like dream come true. Magic!!!⚜️⚜️⚜️ Can you imagine how much time you can save??? No more creating jobs in excel, copying from one place to another sheet, then combining in another sheet. It all happens automatically.

You just sign up the contract with your client, plugin the iCal file, and you are in business. Don’t believe what I say, just create a FREE TRIAL account for 14 days, no CC required, and you experience this magic!