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How to be successful with SMART planning?

Looking at successful businesses, often times we wonder where the dynamics of success lies. Perhaps in the array of cutting-edge marketing and advertising techniques? Being adaptive and flexible?

In this tech driven world today, the importance of strategic smart planning cannot be over stressed. With so many facts, figures, unending customer lists and details to get straight, if the right strategies are not adopted, it can really wear a business down.

This is especially true for field service providers where timely response is to a great extent a prerequisite for success. Digital smart planning tools such as ServiceWorks Field Service Management Software helps to get planning right and smart!

What is SMART planning?

Smart planning involves the process of  setting plans in motion, scheduling duties, evaluating set goals, with the use of digital workforce management softwares such as the ServiceWorks Planning and Scheduling feature. With smart planning, business goals are made specific, more attainable, realistic, duties and event are scheduled timely and efficiently.

Why do businesses need smart planning?

Adequate scheduling of activities within a business/ organization is without a doubt a winning factor. When it comes to field service operations, it is not always easy to account for unforseen contingencies that can result in costly setbacks. But with smart planning systems that operate via real-time automated workforce scheduling, planning and dispatching, it is easier to allocate duties and maximize positive output. 

Benefits of smart planning

Effective planning and allocation of tasks: When the demand for services exceed available technicians, smart planning with digital tools like ServiceWorks makes it simple to comprehensively review key information of orders at a glance, helping you make critical decisions to determine tasks that should be prioritized. In addition, having complete profile of the entire workforce on your ServiceWorks Planning and Scheduling tool it is easy to automatically or manually dispatch duties to technicians based on their skills, present and future availability pending their location at any given time. This makes for increased productivity.

Better customer service: According to consumers, customer service responsiveness is the determinant factor of their loyalty to a brand. So with smart planning your customer service never suffers because of unpredictable circumstances as customer services duties are dispatched aptly and efficiently within the workforce.

Service Request Map: Aside being able to see real-time status, ServiceWorks Planning and Scheduling feature incorporates a map tracking all job locations. With this, better informed decisions are made regarding dispatch choices such as best-available technicians, best routes, and many more.

Swift notifications feature: Feedbacks have never been made easier. While ServiceWorks lets you see all the jobs that are running at a glance, up-to-date status and location notifications/ feedbacks come directly from field technicians. Other staff at the office may then make use of the information to tactically dispatch decisions based on ongoing field service status. More than that, customers can also track the arrival times of service technicians setting your customers up for the best service experience ever.

Easy management of host of activities/complex projects: While you may think you have it all planned out, along the line you just might get overwhelmed by complex  projects that may span across months. ServiceWorks Planning and Scheduling feature has an integrated function with drag-and-drop functionality specifically designed to see the effective and efficient management of long-term projects.

Smart planning lies in the Grey area between success and failure. Working hard is necessary but most importantly working smart!

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