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Eliminating Costly Problems with Cleaning Service Management

Both the commercial and residential sectors of the cleaning industry are highly competitive. Your company may be struggling to survive in an oversaturated market as you desperately try to keep track of work orders, employees, payments and other responsibilities. The number one way to stand out is to be as innovative as possible. Here are some of the pain points many cleaning company owners face today:

#1. Too Much Administrative Time Is Wasted

Everyone knows the classic saying, time is money. In any service-based business this is especially true. The amount of time wasted on doing routine administrative tasks the old fashion way can literally price you out of the market. Cleaning businesses can reduce their overhead spending significantly with process improvement and automation. If you still rely on paper time cards, manual work hour tracking or using emails to communicate service orders, then your process can be greatly improved with automation and organization software. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a streamlined process from the time a service is ordered to the way your close out and pay your workers for the job?

#2. It Can Be Difficult to Manage Service Agents In The Field

Even with cell phones, text messages and email, it can be difficult to track field service providers such as your cleaning crews. Using the latest technology and software you can track your employees in real time, conform work orders are completed and provide a way to keep customers in the loop throughout the entire transaction. This can call be done with no extra work on your part as the manager as long as you have the right B2B solution.

#3. Tracking Employees Performance and Customer Satisfaction

The job isn’t over when the location has been cleaned. You still need to confirm your cleaning crews are meeting quality standards, that your customers are happy and that work orders get closed out and paid on time. The right field service software can help you manage all of these and even provide real time reporting and analytics to help you improve your process even further over time.

We believe the industry-changing software you need to help run your cleaning company efficiently is ServiceWorks. ServiceWorks is an all-in-one solution for managing your business, your field agents and your accounting. This software takes care of work orders, accounting, real time tracking, analytics and many other essential business functions. You will be amazed at all the mundane administrative tasks that can be automated, allowing you to scale your business like never before. Get in touch with us to discover all the features and plans we have available to help your cleaning company grow.