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10 ways to simplify your Field Service

A more effective way of managing your field staff is provided by field service management solutions. It ensures better insight about what your employees are engaged in at a specific time and it allows you to determine the right person for the right job.

Field service management often involves a lot of parameters and it can be difficult at times to identify what is the best choice for your company. So, you need to simplify your field service in order to run things smoothly. If you are confused about how to do this then you needn’t worry as we have put together a list of 10 ways for simplifying your field service management solutions.

1. Mobile access

People use their tablets and smartphones more than their desktops. So, if you want your field service to be more accessible then you need to target these mobile devices. You should try to find a field service management solution which is tailored to meet the accessibility needs of these mobile devices. And if you want to take it even further then you should try to find a solution which allows the mobile workers to use the applications in the offline mode as well.    

2. Cloud-based solutions

There are many financial benefits of cloud-based field management solutions and these can be implemented easily and quickly. This also allows for automated and scheduled data back-up. Hence, you won’t have to worry about large data storage and at the same time, you will be able to share it even more easily.

3. Integration

Integration of various modules is the key to success in field service management. Therefore, you should look for solutions which allow you to integrate sharing modules, CRM, accounting tools and accurate data synchronization. In this way, you will have improved access to all of your field service management aspects.

4. User friendliness

If field service solutions are to be utilized at their full potential then they must be easy to use. This will get the job done in a much better, easier, and faster way. Overly complex field service management solutions can be difficult to use for your employees and it can lead to a delay in service time.

5. Be Flexible

The field service is constantly evolving and there are new changes every day. So, you must ensure that your chosen field service solution meets your current needs and future requirements as well. Choose to go with a field service management solution which has the ability to be used in a wide variety of ways.

6. Data Analytics

Data analytics can be very useful for getting an insight into what your potential customers need and what they might need your help with. It will also help you in deciding which field service worker is closest to the required job location. And you will, therefore, be able to decide appropriately.

7. Big Data

You should consider investing in gathering big data. This will allow you to identify the various behavior patterns of your customers and what kind of impulses they have. This will enable you to identify a job opening even before a work order is placed.

8. Decide what to outsource

You don’t need to handle everything yourself and you definitely don’t need to allocate a large budget for every task. If some trivial tasks are needed to be completed which require too much budget on doing your own then you should consider outsourcing them to external entities. This will allow you to focus on what’s really important.

9. Automated Billing

Filling a lot of paperwork, drafting invoices and manual billing can be very difficult and annoying at times for both the customers and field service workers. Therefore, you should consider investing in an automated billing software which automatically generates invoices on the basis of the filed work order.

10. Quick access to resource inventories

The field service technicians need to know the accurate inventory and other resources available at all times so that they can perform better at the assigned task. The best way to address this issue is to allow your technicians to have digital access to the available inventory. And you can also set up an automated reordering of inventory when it is about to be depleted. In this way, your inventory will always be more than sufficient.