Release Notes

Release Notes 7.3.2020

Accept Specific Credit Card Types

You can now choose what type of credit card you want to accept for Sphere and

Go to Settings -> Payment Gateway .Select the payment processor. Check all the card types you want to accept. This will then reflect while you collect payment from external link, job page, POS page.

Custom Job Completion Status

Set you custom job completion status now instead of the the default Delivered. You can call it Complete, Done, Installed, Delivered or hatever you chose.

Go to Setting->Job Setting->Custom Job Status. Edit the job status called Delivered and set your own value. By default it will have the green dot icon , but you can update the icon as well if you want.

Invoice Field Configuration

You can now choose to hide/show the Product Item and Service Item list fields.

Go to Settings -> Invoice Settings -> Invoice Template. You can toggle the following fields to show or hide in the invoice.

Filter Notification

You can now filter notification by the types. This will make it easier to look at different kinds of notifications in the website.

Dynamic Email Blast

Send emails to all your customer and personalize it using the dynamic fields.

Some more features added

These are small but very useful features

  1. Show city in the schedule board
  2. Ability to close an estimate
  3. Showing Shipping Note in Print ticket
  4. Show sell date in POS
  5. Show item location in Item needed frid.