Release Notes

Release Note 10.7.2020

Save Job in Segments

The job page has been transformed to a new look and color. We have listened to your feedback and have removed the one SAVE JOB button and distributed the save over multiple section. This will let you save the job faster.

There are multiple save button for each section. Instead of the one Save button at the bottom, now you have section wise saving. The colorful button would not let you miss the old button.

Tax Breakdown

You can rename the tax on how you want to display in the invoice. This is especially helpful for Canadian customers where you want to show multiple tax for the invoice like GST/PST etc.

Go to Tax Configuration.

Rename the tax name by clicking the edit icon and save. Enter the appropriate percentage value for these tax definitions.

Go To Invoice Template. You will find these dynamic legends of the tax is added to your invoice. Keep in mind if you change the name of the tax after setting your invoice, make sure to pull the right legend name and update the template.

Easy Job Creation from Mobile App

We have simplified entering a job for a new customer from the field. You now have a simple page form to fill up to create your customer and then your job within 30 seconds.

Instant Booking Page Enhancement

  • You can use your brand color in the instant booking page now. Go to Instant Booking Configuration Page.
  • You can chose your price items layout to be list or grid.
  • Select the brand color and save it.
  • You can include a static content to display for your customer
  • You can embed java script chat to chat with your customer directly
  • You can take down payment during booking.
  • You can chose to not display the price of items by toggling the Show Price Attribute in Price List

Enhancement on Email Blast

You can send email to your customer and see the history of the email sent. You can also see the last email sent date in the grid itself. You can also filter the customer who you haven’t send emails for last X days. This features enables you to engage with your customer actively. You can easily follow up on the customers and send them regular updates. You can add a custom Subject line and also change from which address you are sending email from.

Customize your Dashboard

You can hide or show any of the widgets you would like in your dashboard. You can even change the position of the widgets by simple drag and drop.

Company Users Status

See the user status without opening the details , right on the grid.

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