Release Notes

Release 01.13.2020

  1. Invoice Bulk Processing
  2. Automatic Appointment Reminder
  3. Import All iCal events

We have introduced a new feature for processing multiple invoice in one click.

Invoice Bulk Processing

How does the workflow look like?

  1. Create a job as usual
  2. Complete a job
  3. All completed jobs show up as Invoices in the Invoice link
  4. You can filter the invoices by date and which are due.
  5. Next select All of them and click Bulk Process Payment.
  6. Now all invoices will start processing one by one. If the card is on file for this job, the process will auto charge the card and send payment receipt to the customer. If a card is not on file, it will mark the payment as failed.
  7. You can filter again by invoices again which are due and then send Invoice via email by clicking Send Bulk Invoice.

You will save a lot of time by utilizing this feature

Automatic Appointment Reminder

So far you could send the appointment reminder manually, but now you can globally set a time to send automatic reminder.

  1. Go to Appointment Reminder Template
  2. Check the appointment reminder check box to enable it
  3. Select the number of days before which you want to send the reminder.
  4. Now when this setup is in place the background service will auto kick in.
  5. The service runs every day morning at 8am and evening at 8pm CST.
  6. If you setup 0 days before the job then the appointment reminder will be sent at 8 am that day.
  7. If you setup 1 day before the job then the appointment reminder will be sent at 8 am and 8 pm that day

Import All iCal Events

In the Property Management of customers, you can easily import multiple iCal files that show up in Service Works calendar. Before you had to import one channel at a time. Now you can select All Files and import to get all at once.