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Smart Planning with ServiceWorks

The efficient allocation and distribution of human resource are critical for the success of a Field Service company. If you have skilled employees but you are unaware about their availability, their dispatch is not according to the required job description, and their location during the work order is not considered, then you are not using your Human resource to its full potential.


Assume that your company manages to land simultaneously work orders from two different companies which were filed in separate branches and regions. Allocating the right people for the appropriate task is going to be a challenge in this case. If you don’t assign technicians with relevant skills set to the suited job then they will not be able to perform well.


The solution to this is to deploy an intelligent and automated tool for scheduling and planning. This will allow you to easily view the comprehensive report about the availability of service technicians, their current geographical location, and their specific expertise. By using such a tool you can easily create and allocate tasks for the technicians and they will be automatically notified about their duties for getting the job done. This would allow you to minimize your expenses while maximizing your performance and generating more revenue. Having a smart planning software tool will allow you to be better equipped for unexpected circumstances and unpredictable work orders. 

Smart Planning

“Service Works” is a smart planning tool specifically designed for meeting the needs of field service companies. It allows you to streamline the workflow of your business with the customer experience. It enables the capacity for real-time customer engagement with features for automated customer feedback. This allows you to manage customer life cycles with improved ease and mobility. Service Works promises decreased costs and saving of weekly man-hours. It includes smart reporting and installation, hence you will not have to worry about hardware maintenance. If a technical problem or issue arises then support will also be provided.


Service Works has many features, All of which are tailored for improving field service performance. 

  • It comes with Multi-Location Inventory Management which allows for automated inventory management. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the availability level of inventory as it will automatically order a refill and it will also notify you when availability level is about to be depleted so you can take appropriate measures. 
  • Service Works has the option of Route optimization and Automated ETA calculation. This will help the field service technicians to find the shortest possible routes to the job location hence reducing the service time. Estimated time of Arrival calculation will be constantly updated so that your customers will know how much time the technicians will take to reach them. 
  • Service Works also allow for Custom Notification via email, SMS, and Robocall. It will allow you and your customers to be constantly aware of the progress of the work order. This will allow you to take necessary measures if unexpected problems arise. 
  • Service Works comes with a Drive /Technician /Customer Mobile App. This will allow all stakeholders of the work order to be better connected with each other and the process will be streamlined for efficient output. 

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