Field Service

Digital Transformation of Service Industry

Every industry that depends on equipment will constantly seek to improve the productivity and effectiveness of technicians, engineers, mechanics and other specialists. With higher productivity, the specialists can process more work orders, repair more vehicles/appliances and maintain more pieces of equipment.

Technology is for all and especially for those industry where manual and repetitive work is evolving. Service.Works brought cloud computing in the service industry and helped the industry with the new SaaS based software that focuses on enterprise mobility as holistic strategy. This shift will change the landscape of the B2B (Business to Business) to be more diverse and cater to wider audience.

We are proud to say that we 650+ customers across the country and are broadening our horizon every single day.

As designers or architect of a product, we are always at the intersection of technology and humanity balancing the functional and technical needs. In Service.Works we have used the newest technology to solve the age old problems. The hard question we always asked was “what are we exactly building? What problem are we solving?”

Problems We Solved

  1. Connected enterprise wide system for service industry to be used by all.
  2. One stop shop for Inventory, Point of Sale, Purchase Order, Scheduling, Technician Tracking, Invoicing, Route Optimization, Warranty Claim.
  3. Integration and import of external work orders
  4. Integration with external third party accounting software Quick book
  5. Integration with warranty providers (Service Bench , Service Power)and automatic job update.
  6. Integration with Distributors for ordering Parts.

Key Design Consideration

  1. Reducing the time for work order creation
  2. Show more information in compact format for easy glance
  3. Easy navigation and connected interface between disparate system
  4. Easy to use for ordinary users.

Key Architectural Consideration

  1. Fast response time of applications
  2. Compatibility across all tablet/ mobile devices.
  3. Data accuracy and consistency across all system.
  4. Automation of most of the manual operations in the business
  5. Enhanced communication between all parties involved.
  6. Meaningful and detailed insight of various business operations.

When we solved this problem we came up with a flexible, extensible and web based interface for data access, transformation and reporting, along with cross-platform mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices.

We have removed the need for the organizations to install and run applications. We have the easy pay-as-you-go model for the payment. The application suite is highly scalable and gives customers the option to subscribe to more or less features.