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Scanning Items in ServiceWorks

Need an easier way of entering item numbers and barcodes into your inventory system? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a brief tutorial on how to do so from both the desktop and the mobile app versions of ServiceWorks:

Scanning Items via Desktop

Before you begin the process of scanning, you’ll want to be sure that you have a working hand scanner setup. ServiceWorks is compatible with most USB scanners currently available. For our example, we will be scanning using a Symbol LS3008.

Next, you’ll need to make sure the barcodes are associated with the corresponding items. Hover over Inventory in the toolbar and click on Item in the drop down box

From the item edit menu, choose an existing item in your inventory, hover over the three dots and select edit or click New to create a new item.

Once in the item edit menu, place your cursor into the Item Number field and use your scanner to scan the barcode. The field should populate with the barcode number. Now that its been added, click Save to return to the previous screen.

Now that the barcode has been registered to the item, you can scan the barcode to use in the following ways:

  • Adding an item to a job / estimation ticket
  • Adding an item to a POS transaction
  • Adjusting markup prices
  • Searching PO Resolutions and PO Returns
  • Creating Inventory Adjustments or Transfers
  • Adding items to bundles

Scanning Items from Mobile App

With the mobile app, you can use your phone’s camera as a scanner to add items directly to job / estimation tickets! Here’s how to utilize this feature:

From within the mobile app, go to the jobs tab and either click on an existing ticket or create a new one. In this example, we’ll be adding an item to a new job.

In the following menu, scroll down and click on the Product/Equipment tab.

Next, use the + button in the Items/Parts section to begin to add the item to the ticket.

In the upper right corner of the item menu, you should see a small QR code. Clicking on this will activate the camera scanning function (Note: you may be asked to grant the app access to use your camera if you haven’t already).

Now you can scan the item’s barcode with your phone. You’ll have the option to enter it as either the item number, model number, or serial number. With the mobile app, you will only be able to set scanned barcodes as the item number.

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