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Creating and Applying Discounts

Discounting has been proven as an effective way to promote your business and motivate customers to make purchases. As you run your business, you may find it beneficial to occasionally offer discounts to new and existing customers. This tutorial will show you ways on how to setup and apply discounts within ServiceWorks.

Creating the Discount

First, you will need to set up the discount within the system settings. To access these settings, open up the Configurations Tab Menu by clicking on the cogwheel on the right side of the toolbar. In the expanded tab on the left side, click Discount Settings to access the menu.

To create a discount, click on the New Discount button in the upper right corner.

Now that you’re in the discount creation menu, you’re presented with a few options:

Name: Designate a name for the discount within ServiceWorks

Percentage: Set the desired percentage rate for your discount

Code: Set an online code for the discount. You will also need to make sure Use Online is checked to enable the use of the discount

Expired At: Choose when your discount code expires. Leave the field blank if you don’t want to set an expiration date

Once you’re satisfied with your selection, click Save

Applying the Discount

Now that your discount is properly setup, you are ready to apply this discount to jobs within service works.

In the Edit Job menu, scroll down to the Charges section. Here you can see the current totals for parts and/or labor attached to the job.

Use the Discount (%) dropdown box next to the corresponding amount to apply the discounts you have stored within ServiceWorks. Once finished, click Save Charges to see the now discounted total (Note: discount codes will only work on Service/Labor or Item/Part totals)