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Feature: SMS Blast

This tutorial will be going over how to set up and use our new SMS Blast feature within ServiceWorks. Before we go into this feature, here are a few important things to know about it:

This feature is an add-on only. It is not included in any of the available subscription tiers for ServiceWorks and must be purchased separately (50.00 USD).

This feature is a subscription service that allows for 5000 SMS messages per month. Once that limit is reached, you will be charged 40.00 per additional 1000 messages.

Should you need less than 5000 messages, please contact support and we will work with you on a smaller plan.

Using SMS Blast

Before you can get started with this feature, you’ll need to ensure you’ve already completed the following:

Set up a Twilio account: here

Contacted our support team to enable the SMS Blast feature for you.

Without completing both of these prior, this process WILL NOT work.

From the toolbar, navigate to Customer -> Customers to search and select the customers you wish to send a mass message to.

Once finished with your selections, click the SMS Blast button above your customer list

In the following popup menu, you’ll have the ability to enter text into the body of your SMS message. You can refer to the legend on the right-hand side for the dynamic tags that will work for this section, similar to your SMS messaging notifications.

Once finished with your message, click Send. You should receive a confirmation message shortly afterward.

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