Online Booking Page

Online Booking is a powerful feature by which you can get job requests from your website directly even when you are not available. You can customize this page to your own brand color, and custom content.

Go to Instant Booking Configuration Page

There are few things you can customize here. The Book Now button takes you to your own Online Booking Page.

Live Chat Script

You can embed the java script in this section to enable live chat in your instant booking page. You get the java script from your chat provider.

Down Payment

If you want to collect down payment during online booking you enable this section and specify how much down payment you want to collect. Down payment can be set us Flat Price or Percentage of total transaction.

Static Content in Confirmation Tab

You can include your own custom messages in the confirmation tab. Just type in the text box and save and it will display in your booking page.

Instant Booking Default View

In this you can choose to show your service items in list view or grid view.

Grid View
List View

Instant Booking Schema Color

This is where you chose your preferred color and change the color scheme of the booking page.

The button color in the booking page will reflect your chosen color.


The instant booking page displays your available time slot that you have defined in time range setting. The time slots for past days are not available for selection. Current or future time slots are available. Currently we do allow overbooking of jobs in particular time slot. That means you can get job request for the same date/same time slot multiple times. The idea is to let you get the customer job request, which you can later reschedule and not lose the business. In future we will update this schedule board availability where you will have more control about availability.

You can control the time range that will be displayed in the online page. For example you may have multiple time slots in a day like from 8am to 10am, 10am to 12pm etc. You can keep these to not show in online page instead create another time range which is 8 am to 5 pm and that’s where your booking comes in.


In this page you collect your customer and job information. When user submits the information , a new customer and an associated unassigned job gets created in your Service Works account. You can see this job on your schedule board and All jobs page.

Job Custom Fields are available in the instant booking page. You can control from the configuration what you want to show in the instant booking page.

Customer Custom Fields are available in instant booking page. Also you can control from the configuration what you want to show in the instant booking page.


You can collect the down payment in this tab. If your down payment is not enabled this tab will not be visible.