44 Features in 2019 for ServiceWorks

ServiceWorks had a good year and we were able to add quite a few important features for you because we are committed for your success. We have created a new version 2.0. on March 2019. And since then added the following features to it.

  1. Integration with Shopify
  2. Advanced Configuration Settings
  3. Compact Design for Job Creation
  4. Recurrence
  5. eBlast for customers
  6. Roles and Permissions
  7. Hot Scheduling or self Assigning Jobs
  8. Online Booking
  9. Inventory lookup by description
  10. Custom Forms Library
  11. Online payment link for customers
  12. Email content (photos and doc) to customer
  13. QuickBook desktop integration
  14. Custom Module Visibility
  15. Customer Lead Status
  16. Square Integration
  17. Simple Job Creation
  18. Notifications
  19. Integrated Payment Processor
  20. CRM in Mobile View
  21. Advanced Customer Search
  22. Snapshot of Jobs
  23. Revenue Dashboard
  24. New Payment Method EFT
  25. Broadcast jobs to Third Party Providers
  26. Custom Invoicing and Estimation Templates
  27. Estimation Workflow with online approval
  28. Group items under Product
  29. Roll Up Invoicing
  30. Confirmation of Job via SMS message
  31. Add Schedule to multiple jobs
  32. Quickbook Chart of Account sync
  33. Receive Purchase Order with Barcode scanning
  34. Timesheet Tracking online and offline
  35. Quickbook Online Customer two way sync
  36. Custom Fields in Job
  37. Dispatch Status
  38. Clone a Job
  39. Manual Time Sheet
  40. Zone Automation
  41. Job Type Filter
  42. Automatic Tax Selection
  43. Integration with iCal for Property Management
  44. Bulk Invoice Email

44 Features in 10 Months

That is around 4 features or enhancements every month. ServiceWorks is a living and breathing platform. We have lot to do and we have many requests from our customers that we will work on in 2020.

What will be our first New Year Release? Stay tuned to our Release Notes section to learn more on what’s happening. Also if you think there is a feature you wish you had, don’t be shy to let us know. Please send us your thoughts to contact@service.works.