Release Notes

Release 12.24.2019

This Christmas Eve ServiceWorks presents you with the extremely wanted property booking management feature. Now you can get your booking from AirBnb or VRBO or any channel that supports iCal and easily import it. Not only that ServiceWorks plots those booking in an interactive calendar where you can setup your cleaning job with ease. No more going to 10 different sites, multiple excel files to manage and schedule your booking.

Configuration to setup iCal Channels

Navigate to Configuration->Integration->iCal. Here you will define and create all your channels from where you want to import your iCal events. Make sure the iCal files are accessible over a public URL.

Add a name that is easy to understand for you, search and add a property management as customer. The account number will populate to distinguish between two property of same names. Add the iCal url in the URL field and hit save.

Import the iCal file

Navigate to Customer->Property Management. Click the import button.

This will show the import box here you can specify the date range you want to import for and the name of the channels in the dropdown box. After all selections have been made click import and all events will flow into ServiceWorks system and will be displayed in the calendar below next to the matching property.

You can now easily see the open slots where you can book your maintenance job. Just click on any slot in the customer row and new job creation window will open up.

Enter the schedule date start and end time, enter job description, select the professional and click save. You can also add Service Items, Job Forms and upload photos and document for this job by clicking the left navigation menu. These are optional, you can add these details later as well.

After saving the job, the job will be displayed on the calendar. Hovering over the newly created job will display additional details of the job. The job in the calendar will show the color of the professional it is assigned to.

You can also view these newly created jobs in regular calendar under Schedule and All Jobs page. These jobs will take the life cycle of any other jobs from this point onwards. You can send invoice, collect payment on these jobs.