6 Ways to Take Notes for a Job

Creating a job or an work order requires a lot of notes on different data elements. Here we will show you how many notes can you capture and who all can see it.

#1 Customer Notes

You can create a general Customer note in the Customer Section. This will be the notes that technicians can see in the field. It could be something like a gate code, or any other relevant information you want the field workers to see.

#2 Contact Notes

Each contact can also have notes associated with it . These are the notes that your technician’s won’t be able to see, but as admin you want to keep track of certain information.

#3 Job Notes

These are details associated with this particular job. This information is visible to the technicians. Also you can send this information as part of your estimation or invoice.

#4 Trip Notes

These are trip specific notes. These are visible to technicians and also can be sent as part of your estimation or invoice.

#5 Explanation of Service

These are the notes to be written and submitted by field workers. But it can be edited by the admin as well. This information also can be part of estimation or invoice.

#6 Red Flag Note

If you want to mark a customer as red flagged and enter a reason why, this is the place you enter your notes. This is visible only from web application to people who have permissions to view this.

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