Release Notes Service Business

Release 11.21.2019


Dispatch your Job

We have included a new Job status called Dispatched to the system. Before when you assigned a technician to the job he technician would see all the jobs in their dashboard. But now there is a choice you can make.

  1. Either you can show the Assigned jobs to technicians like before
  2. Or you can change the status of the job to Dispatch and technicans will only see the Dispatched jobs.

How do you dispatch job?

  • Navigate to Configuration->Admin->Permission
  • Select the Role Professional from the Role dropdown
  • Check the Dispatch checkbox from the Job box
  • Then Navigate to All jobs page.
  • Select or check the jobs you want to dispatch
  • Click the Action button on the top and click the Dispatch menu item
  • If dispatched successfully you will get the success message box.
  • The status of the jobs will change to Dispatched with blue circle.
  • You can also see the Dispatched jobs count on the top right box.
  • When the jobs are dispatched , your technicians can see those jobs in their Dashboard.
  • You can’t dispatch a Job that is Unassigned. You need to assign technicians to a job before it can be dispatched.

Clone a Job

This is a much awaited feature. Simple yet powerful. It can save a ton of your time creating new jobs. You can pick any job and it will create a Clone of it as a new job.

What does it clone?

  1. Customer Information
  2. Job Information
  3. Service Items
  4. Product
  5. Charges
  6. Items or Parts
  7. Job Forms
  8. Schedule
  9. Assignment

What it doesn’t clone?

  1. Job Status – it will be created as a Scheduled or Unassigned Job
  2. Payment
  3. Log
  4. Recurrence: if the job is part of a recurring schedule the recurrence will not be copied. It will be created as a standalone jobs for which you can add the recurrence.

How do you clone a Job?

  • Navigate to All Jobs page
  • Click the three dots of the Job you wish to clone
  • Click the Clone menu item
  • On Successful cloning the success message will show up with the new job number.
  • Click the OK button to then go to the edit page of that newly cloned job.
  • Now you can modify this job as needed. The Job log will show that it is a Cloned Job and it was created by which user.

Time Sheet

Did you think, clone was good then this feature is even better. This is a consolidated time tracking mechanism for all your workers, manually and system tracked.

System Tracked Time : From the mobile all, the technicians can click the Start Day and End Day button to track they time.

Manual Tracked Time: You can enter the shift data for any selected employee manually as well.

  • Navigate to Configuration->Admin->Timesheet
  • You will see all the times of the employees who has been tracked by system
  • Here you can click the Add Shift button to add time manually for any employee.
  • When you hover over the time you will see the details of that shift.
  • You can add multiple shifts for the same employee for the same day. e.g. Alex can work from 8 to 10 am then again from 2 to 4 pm.
  • All of these data can be used in your Payroll data for generating number of total hours worked by each employee

Zone Automation

You may have a lot of workers and they may be zone specific. That means you may have workers across multiple cities and you have your organization structure defined so people can manage by cities. ServiceWorks now makes it easy for you.

  • Navigate to Configuration->Admin->Permissions
  • Select any role that you want to enable Zone responsibility for.
  • Check the Zone checkbox
  • Now people having this role can only see zone specific data when they login

Where do they see zone specific data?

  1. In Schedule Board – all views. Month, week, day view, staff view, Time Slot view
  2. Optimization: You can only optimize people within your zone then
  3. Job Assignment: Wherever you assign jobs from , it will only show you your zone specific employees.

Job Type Filter

We have made it easier for you to look at the Dispatch board by including the Job Type filter. You may have jobs of different types – like Preventive Maintenance, Installation etc. Now you can see similar types of Jobs in the board.

Go to the Schedule board and select the job type you want

The jobs in the dispatch board will refreshed .

Automatic Tax Selection

Last but not the least, we have added smart selection of Tax code based on the zip code of the Customer.

You can setup multiple tax on Tax Configuration

Now when you create a job and add a customer of Denver Zip Code it will automatically update the tax code to Denver tax.

If you change the zipcode to california, it will auto change the tax code. The zip code of Address Type Customer Address is the one that is considered for determining the tax code.

So if you have two address, one billing in California and customer address in Denver, then the tax code will reflect Denver tax.

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