Release Notes

Release 11.15.2019

Time Sheet

ServiceWorks now let’s you enter manual time for your employees. Go to Configuration -> Admin -> Time Sheet.

Today’s timesheet for all employees will show up if you have entered them before. Or it will have place for you to Add Time Shift for your employee/ worker or team.

Click on Add Shift button to enter time for a specific employee.

Select Appropriate employee, add the name of the time. It could be the job number, customer name or anything that helps you identify why they have worked during the specified hour.

Choose the Clock In and Clock Out time from Activity and click Save.

You can then see in the grid Matthews time show up and also it shows the number of total hours tracked for him for that day. The employee time blocks are color coded to the color assigned to each employee.

Next release we will show all the system tracked time to be part of this sheet as well. Stay tuned for that.

Quickbooks Two Sync of Customer

This release we have enabled two way syncing of customer information between Servivce Works and QuickBooks.

Go To Quickbook sync page.

Click on the QBConnect button to login to your QuickBook account.

Click the Customer Inactive icon to Active to make it activated for syncing.

Then click the Sync Data red button on top right. The magi will start and customers will sync based on the following algorithm

  1. All new Users that exist in Service Works and not in QuickBooks will sync to QuickBooks.
  2. All updates to any customer that has happened in Service Works but has not made to QuickBooks will update QuickBooks.
  3. All new customers that has been added to QuickBooks but doesn’t exists in ServiceWorks will sync to Service Works.
  4. The source of truth in case of any conflict in data is ServiceWorks. That means if you have added a new customer in QuickBooks and then synced to Service Works. Then you went and edited the Customer in QuickBooks and also in Service Works separately. And if it happens to differ e.g. the last name in Service Works is Miler with 1 L and in QuickBooks is Miller with 2 L then ServiceWorks will win and send 1 L Miler to QuickBooks.

After the syncing happens two ways then the log will show how many of the data has been moved To QuickBooks and from QuickBooks.