Release Notes

Release 11.11.2019

Add Schedule to Multiple Jobs

If you are in a business where the job takes multiple days but you are not sure how many exact days it may take, then this feature is really going to help you.

You create a regular job just like you would normally create. And at the end of the day you go to All Jobs page and select the From Date and To date to be today’s date and check the Incomplete Job checkbox and hit search.

All the pending jobs of today that haven’t been completed will show up. You select all of the jobs by clicking the Select All checkbox. Then go to Action button on the top and select Add Schedule option.

The Add Schedule option will open up a pop up box from where you can select the date where you need to Add the new schedule.

You can add schedule for the next day, or next to next day. All you have to do is just set the number of days in the Next Schedule Day by clicking plus or minus sign.

Or you can pick a particular date by going to Select Date option.Here you can open the date picker and select the date you want to schedule your job.

Whichever option you selected just press Save and new schedules will be added to your jobs. You can see the new added schedule from dispatch board or all jobs.

Quickbook Chart of Account to Service Item

WE have improved QuickBook sync to desktop version. No you can associate your service line item to your own chart of accounts and ServiceWorks will send those items to the appropriate bucket in QuickBook. Just send us your mapping between the Service Items and Chart of account in a CSV file with the following columns.

  1. Service Item Name
  2. Account Number
  3. Account Name
  4. Account Description

We will import this data for you in ServiceWorks so you don’t have to worry.

Receive Purchase Order with Barcode Scanning

Easily track your purchase order for receiving. Now you can filter the purchase order by their receive status.

You can easily see all pending, partially received PO by searching by the status. You can select any PO you want to receive.

Then place the cursor in the barcode scanner and scan. The received count of the matching item will automatically increase by 1.

You can use any kind of scanner.