Release Notes

New Release 10.31.2019

Roll Up Invoice

When you are using multiple products and associating items under each product then sometime you may need to just show the roll up price in the invoice and not the break down of item price.

Navigate to the Configuration -> Invoice Settings -> Invoice Charges section. And then check the Roll up Invoice checkbox to enable this setting and then Save it. Just a note that only one invoice settings can be enabled at any point of time.

Next navigate to Invoice Template. And find the new tag called RollUp Invoice. Just use the dynamic tag anywhere in your invoice template to reflect roll up prices.

Next just send the Invoice you normally do. The invoice will show up the roll up items. But this can lead us to the next cool feature of sending invoice to many people.

Send Invoice to Additional People

From new job or edit job page, now when you will click the Email Invoice link from the footer , a popup box will open up

You can write the emails of additional people and enter a customized subject and Send the email. This will still send the Invoice in the your same customized format and the email content will still be your customized content.

Confirmation Text on SMS

How many times you had to call the customer to get confirmation on a schedule. Not any more. When you create a job, automatic SMS already goes to Customer cell. But now the customer can Reply back with 1, to confirm the appointment. The Job status in the system changes to Confirmed from Schedule. And you can see all the Confirmed job in the system.

Make sure you have enabled SMS notification everywhere relevant.

You will see confirmed icon in the job list as well as the confirmed status in the Job page.

Print Ticket

Print Ticket now shows the all the following items as part of the ticket. It pretty much displays the whole ticket information.

  1. Service Items
  2. Parts or Items
  3. Product and Items with appropriate grouping
  4. Charges
  5. Explanation of services for all trips
  6. Trip notes for all trips.
  7. Job Note
  8. Job Description