Release Notes

Release 10.21.2019

Bigger Area to Type Service Item description

Type as much as you want in the Service Item description in new or edit job page and expand the text box to see what you typed.

Group Items Under product

You can now add multiple items to a job and also group them under one specific Product family.

Add Items under Product: You will see a default product panel in your new job page. Select appropriate details of your Product and click on Add Item link on the Product panel to add items under this product. You can add as many items you want under one product.

Note: This panel shows up only if your configuration Product and Item visibility is set to on.

Add another Product to the Job: Click on the Add Product Button on the top right of the Product Panel to add a new product to the job. A new product panel is added. You can select the appropriate values and add items under this new product by clicking the Add Item link under this product panel

Charges: All the item price will be added up under charges panel for Item category.

New Estimation in Customer

You can easily create a new estimation from the customer with the introduction of this new link.

Estimation Template Enhancement

  1. New legend {Note} is available to be included in the template. This represents the estimation note
  2. New legend {AssignDateTime} is available to be included in the template. This represents the Assignment date Time of the schedule.
  3. Service Description is now part of the template after a line break of Service name
  4. Font Sizes are increased considerably for better readability.

Discount for Charges

You can now apply discount to every line items under charges. Configure the discount under configuration. And in the charge panel just select the appropriate discount. It will automatically calculate the total price.