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Customers can book your Service Online from anywhere

Say goodbye to the time-consuming paperwork and focus on what really matters. ServiceWorks helps you save time, money and lots of energy by introducing its Enhanced feature ‘Instant Booking’.
Your customers can now go on your website and create a job without calling you. This gives the customers a flexibility to book jobs anytime and you can then assign the desired technician/crew member at your convenience.
Advantages of Online Booking
• Get more booking, as it can be done anytime.
• Smart Scheduling, as all online bookings show on the calendar.
• Easy customer management. If a new customer books online, the profile is created automatically.
• Powerful marketing, as you can promote yourself of having this feature.

You can get three resources as part of online booking

An online marketing page

To value our customers and increase customer acquisition of our customers we build this free one page html website hosted under where you can get online booking requests. See example here.

You can have your logo, business hours, tag line, a photo all in this page along with the Book Now button that drives jobs to your service works account.

Online booking page listing all your services

Go to design page to create your button design for online booking. When you have created your design copy the script of the Button HTML and place it in your site. This button when clicked will land you on the Instant booking page.

Customers get chose what service they want.

Next chose the available timeslot

Last Confirm the appointment and add relevant notes for that job.

Online booking script as popup

You can also get a script that will popup when you place the button on your site or your marketing site.

This could be a box which list or services, or a box that only takes your customer detail and job request. Read more about the script here. Choice is yours.

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