How to Integrate Square with ServiceWorks

Login to your existing account.

Then Navigate to https://squareup.com/us/en/developers

Then click on Developer Dashboard link on top right.

This will land you to this page https://developer.squareup.com/apps

Click on New Application and this will open up the App Creation page

Enter the Application Name as the name of your business.

You will then come to the Credentials page

Check the toggle button on the bottom left to Production Settings mode.

Now you have two credential information that you need to copy and paste in Service Works.

  1. Copy Application Id from Square and paste it in API Login Id in ServiceWorks
  2. Copy Personal Access Token from Square and copy it to Api Transaction Key in ServiceWorks

Navigate to Locations from the left navigation menu.

You will find the Location Id from that page. Copy the Location Id from there and paste it to Api Location Id in Service Works.

Next check the Enabled for new transaction and scroll down to save the settings.

Now you are all set up for Square payment processing.