Release Notes

Release 09.11.2019


You can now save estimation and view them separately. You can track estimations by 4 statuses.

  1. New
  2. Pending Approval
  3. Approved
  4. Canceled

Workflow of Estimation

Create a new Estimation by clicking Add new ->Estimation from the top navigation menu. You can also create new estimation from All Estimation page.

Enter all relevant details of the estimations including description, job type, call source, service items.

Save Estimation and the estimation will be saved with the status New

After saving you will see a link on the bottom nav to Email Estimation. This will send the estimation to your client and will set the Estimation status to Pending Approval.

You can configure the email template from Configuration -> Estimation Settings ->Estimation Email template. There are three templates for sending estimates though email, sms or robo call.

The Email will have the Estimation attached and your customer can view it and also click on the link in your email to approve or decline the estimate. You can configure the estimation template by going to Configuration-> Estimation Settings -> Estimation Template

When customers takes an action of the estimation, a email will be sent to the admin and the status of the estimation will be marked as Approved.

You can come back to all Estimations page and view the latest status of the Estimation. The top right will show the Estimation summary broken down by the status.