Release Notes

Release 09.04.2019


A new menu item has been added to easily navigate to all of your invoice.

Navigating to Invoice will show you all the invoices that are generated when the job is completed. In ServiceWorks the invoice are auto generated as soon as the job is completed. You don’t have to click any additional button to generate it.

In the results grid you will find the following columns

  1. Invoice Date
  2. Customer
  3. Invoice No
  4. Description
  5. Status
  6. Balance
  7. Payment Method
  8. Total Paid

On the top right you will see the summary of Invoices by states.

There are three status of the Invoice:

  1. Due: When the invoices are not paid or partially paid
  2. Paid: When the invoices are fully paid
  3. Cancelled: When the invoice was generated but had to be cancelled.

Clicking on the Invoice status . values will automatically filter the result grid and it will show only those invoices belonging to the selected status.

Search Customer By Note

Now you can search customers by the note text. Enter part of the note and click on Search button i will reflect the matched result.

Search Item by Description in Order

You can now search the item in POS by their item number or description. The list will show the item number and description both in the dropdown for ease of understanding and selection.