Release Notes

Release 8.24.2019

Search Customer by Associated Contacts

You can now search customer by any contacts associated with the customer. If you have a commercial property ABC Inc where you provide service, you can not only search by ABC Inc , you can search by Tom, Mary, John and all other contacts associated with this property.

Snapshot of your Jobs

You can get to see the snapshot of all of your jobs in your database by status. Unassigned, Scheduled, Cancelled, On Hold Ready to Be Scheduled, In Process, Delivered or Pending.

Click on the number in the widget and it will automatically show you the filtered list of the selected status.

Technician Roles

Create multiple roles for technician. You can have a Supervisor tech who may be able to do everything in the field. Then you can create another role for Assistant Tech and assign only partial permission to do certain stuff.

Here is the full list of permissions you can set for any technician role.

Note: When you create a technician role do not forget to click the isTechnician checkbox. This flag is very important to distinguish between and tech and non-tech. Learn more about Team Roles.

Revenue in Dashboard

A new widget has been added to your Dashboard–>Service. This will show you the monthly revenue you have generated over the months. You can select the date range on top to get the result of different months.

New Payment Method EFT

A new payment method “EFT” has been added to Customer A/R payment. Go to Customer -> Customer A/R.

Select the customer you want to process payment for and click Payment.

Select the invoices you want to collect payment for and click Proceed to Payment.

You can select EFT from the Payment Mode and enter notes related to that transaction for reconciliation.

Broadcast Jobs to Third Party Providers

In your business if you use delegate your dispatch work to third party providers, who are not your employees, then this feature will be very important for you.

Create a new Job. If you want to learn how to create a new Job visit here.

When you save the new job or edit an Unassgned job, you will find a Broadcast button at the bottom.

This will open up a popup where you can search your third party providers. You can search providers by

  1. Zone
  2. Name
  3. Address
  4. Zip
  5. City
  6. State

The results of the providers will show up. Then you need to check the providers you want assign and Submit. This will send notifications to these providers by email and phone.

The providers can then login to the mobile app and then go to Unassigned Jobs from the menu.

They will see the unassigned jobs in the app.

Click on the job to go to the job detail and click the option menu from the bottom.

Click on Assign Job. This will send notification to the back office admin that the job has been Accepted by one of the providers.

Note: Once the first providers Assign the job to themselves , other providers can’t Assign the same job unless the Acceptance is declined by the admin.

Admin will see the Approve button when the Job has been Accepted.

Admin can click on the Approve button and wither Approve or reject the Acceptance by clicking respective buttons. Admin can also add notes for this decision.

  1. If the Job is accepted by Admin, the provider will get notification and they can complete the job.
  2. If the Job is Rejected then the job goes back into the pool of previously broadcasted providers to pick up.