Features Tutorial

New way to look at Dispatch Board

We have introduced the Time Slot view of Dispatch board where you can easily drop your unassigned jobs to the open time slot under your tech or team.

How to use Time Slot View

Start with creating a job from the calendar and navigate to the time slot view by clicking the bottom left clock like icon.

You will find all the unassigned jobs in the left panel. You can easily drag and drop the jobs to the open time slots under any employee.

If you made a mistake simply drag from one employee to another. If you want to remove the assignment simply click on the cross icon on top left.

This board gives you a easy view to look at your days worth of work and have important customer information right on the front.

You can see the following information in the job box

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Address
  • Payment Mechanism
  • Customer Notes

The color of the triangle on the bottom right of the job box represents the Job type color that you can set from the Configuration-> Job Settings -> Job Type.

You can see the summary of the jobs for the tech on the header.You can see the total of the jobs and the count of jobs assigned to the tech.

Filter Tech

You can filter technician or team members with this quick filter. The board will automatically adjust to show you only the selected techs.

Filter By Zone

Filter the jobs by zone bu selecting the zone you want to see from the zone filter.